First course

First course

Our first courses are a good mix from our Apulian traditions. Choose your one and enjoy!

Spaghetti alle vongole bella'mbrianalecce

Spaghetti with fresh clams


pappardelle porcini bellambriana lecce

Porcini Mushrooms Pappardelle

Fresh pasta* with Calabrian sautéed porcini* mushrooms and parsley


Troccoli_frutti di mare ristorante bellambriana lecce

Troccoli with sea ragù

Fresh pasta* with squid*, shrimp *, mussels, clams, cherry tomatoes and parsley


paccheri cinghiale bellambriana lecce

Paccheri with wild boar meat

Fresh pasta* with wild boar ragù (in a tomato free sauce) and red wine


pignata di mare bellambriana lecce

Pignata di mare with baby peas from “Zollino”

Slow cooked baby peas from “Zollino”, “cicerchie”, seafood and octopus* with toasted bread


House tortelloni

Handmade pasta filled * with potatoes, Apulian burrata cheese and marinara style mussels on a bed of turnip* cream


Cover 2,50€

*Frozen food or Fresh food exposed to temperature reduction of – 18 C° as described in “ Management handbook of food safety ” in accordance with the law REG. CE 852/04 and Reg. CE 853/04.

*Food allergies and intolerances: food served in this restaurant may contain substances that cause allergies or intolerance . The “Restaurant Manager” is at your disposal for further information on allergens.

The additions or variations of ingredients lead to an increase in the base price, therefore any subtraction of ingredients will not be deducted.

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