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Bife de Chorizo

250 gr
Tender and very tasty entrecote beef, one of the most appreciated cuts of meat in the Argentinian grill, with baked potatoes*


Slided Bife de Chorizo

500 gr
Entrecôte beef of Argentinian tradition served on hot stone, with baked potatoes* , raw spinach and mustard sauce.


Mixed grill

450 gr
Pork sausages, pork steak, “podolica” entrecote beef from Salento, grilled chicken thighs, with baked potatoes*


tagliata di pollo_bellambrianalecce

Sliced chicken

Chicken breast marinated with citrus fruits, with raw spinach, toasted almonds and semidry cherry tomatoes



Barbeque for 2

900 gr
Pork sausages, Grilled chicken thighs, “podolica” entrecote beef from Salento, “bombette” from Martina Franca, with baked potatoes* , sweet and sour onion and mustard sauce



Yellowfin tuna* fillet

browened on a grill, with grilled vegetables


bellambriana ristorante lecce polpo-croccante_

Crunchy octopus*

with sweet and sour onion and potatoes cream


Cover 2,50€

*Frozen food or Fresh food exposed to temperature reduction of – 18 C° as described in “ Management handbook of food safety ” in accordance with the law REG. CE 852/04 and Reg. CE 853/04.

*Food allergies and intolerances: food served in this restaurant may contain substances that cause allergies or intolerance . The “Restaurant Manager” is at your disposal for further information on allergens.

The additions or variations of ingredients lead to an increase in the base price, therefore any subtraction of ingredients will not be deducted.

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